Monday, January 12, 2009

Glick Lives!

Now, I have no real beef against Zwecker. He's got a job to do, but, this is just shooting fish in a barrel for the SNC....

Was 'Bride Wars' for real?
Hathaway and Hudson went at it on the set, source says

BY BILL ZWECKER Sun-Times Columnist

In ''Bride Wars'', Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson play characters who go from best friends to near-mortal enemies when they discover a mixup schedules both their weddings on the same day. (Totally....fuckin'....brilliant. Where DO they get their ideas? Methinks it's "Hollywood Magic"...)

A production staffer who worked on the film (guy who drives the catering van) claims the nastiness in many of the actresses' fight scenes ''didn't require all that much acting. ... They really didn't get along all that well.'' (Hard to believe a script like this didn't require much acting. Hm....perhaps, this "insider" speaks the truth after all!)

That tale brought an immediate response from Hathaway's spokesman, Stephen Huvane (sorry to hear about that mouth injury making you unable to speak for yourself, Anne): 'There was absolutely no tension between the two. They are great friends (great? It was one movie) and it is a shame the media always does this to women,'' e-mailed (with Herculian effort...) the veteran Hollywood publicist. Similar (required) sentiments were expressed by representatives for both Hudson and the ''Bride Wars'' filmmakers.

The set source (reliable as Old Faithful, I'd bet...), however, did say, ''I think these are two such different women. Anne is more of an intellectual (less sexy) and Kate comes off as something of a dizzy lightweight. (hotter) ... It's hard to believe those two would have anything in common,'' (hm. Such highly researched insight. This is solid reporting, Bill) also claiming she overheard both women making catty comments about the other. (I stand corrected. Case. Closed)

• Meanwhile, Hathaway's budding romance with actor Adam Shulman was showcased at the Palm Springs International Film Festival opening gala last weekend. A witness (usher) reports ''the two of them looked very smitten with each other. ... Everyone was very happy for her, after what she went through with that con man.'' (Shake it off)

Another guest (more vague descriptions, please, Bill) was relieved to learn that despite Hathaway's three-year relationship with Raffaello Follieri (whose false claims included a boast he represented the Vatican's real estate interests (The Pope's broker? I would love to attend one of the closings. Do they bless the deed?), ''she didn't lose any of her money with him.''

Hathaway split with Follieri last June, shortly after the Italian businessman was charged with 14 counts of wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy. (Come on, Anne. Don't be a fairweather fan) After pleading guilty, Follieri was sentenced to 4½ years in prison in late October.

PHOTO FLASH: Sounds like David Spade knows exactly how to get press -- he simply calls the paparazzi himself. (the HELL you say!!!)

The diminutive (unattractive) funnyman has always loved being linked to Hollywood beauties. So, Spade reportedly has a standing agreement with several of Tinseltown's top shutterbugs (is there any higher aspiration? I don't think so) -- tipping them off when he and his current flame are heading out. That's the case with his current connection -- ''Desperate Housewives'' star Nicollette Sheridan.

ON THE SCENE: A Hilton has whisked into Chicago (Paris? Perez? Who!!!??!) -- but I'm not talking about Paris Hilton or online gossip Perez Hilton (WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?!?!?) No, it's Paris' aunt Lisa Hilton, an accomplished jazz artist, in town for a Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind benefit tonight at Andy's Jazz Club.

IT'S OFFICIAL: R. Kelly and his long-estranged wife, Andrea, were divorced Thursday, ending their tumultuous 11-year marriage (and they said it wouldn't last....) . According to the singer's attorney, James Quigley, the ex-couple reached ''an amicable resolution [of] all issues'' (read: she gets a ton of money) and will share custody of their three children. Financial details were not revealed.

Despite rumors he would be replaced, Taylor Lautner will reprise his role as Jacob Black in ''New Moon,'' the ''Twilight'' sequel. His character is central to the storyline in the film, being released in November. (Can't....fucking....wait)

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